Children’s Programs

At South Kingsville Community Centre we aim to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment where all children will be accepted equally with no discrimination of race, sex, religion or ability.

We aim to provide care that enhances and meets the individual developmental needs (social, emotional, physical, cognitive and language) of all children in our care.

By providing a well-balanced, developmentally appropriate program for the children attending, we aim to meet their needs as individuals and foster independence, confidence, responsibility, co-operative behaviour and creativity.

We aim to:

  • make children and families feel happy, relaxed and secure in the Centre‚Äôs environment.
  • provide an environment that is safe, as well as open, for exploration and discovery.
  • provide a program that gives all children equal opportunities.
  • help each child to develop and progress at their individual pace.
  • provide a program that incorporates the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • assist children to foster an interest in books, music and the world around them, with emphasis on language and self-expression.
  • encourage children to seek out and explore all avenues of creativity for children to gain an appreciation of social expectations in a positive, sensitive and caring manner and to learn socially acceptable ways to behave.
  • encourage children, families and staff to develop strong trusting bonds with open communication.